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DevOps Professional Course


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Edukero DevOps Professional Course(Code: 5190

Outline and Objectives
In this course, you will gain practical exposure to the skills, tools, and knowledge needed in automating software engineering processes and infrastructure necessary for continuous deployment of software. Students will have the chance to build new or extend existing software engineering tools and design an automated deployment pipeline. This course is 100% practical.

The Edukero DevOps Professional Course will make you proficient in various aspects of DevOps and is designed to help you become a Certified DevOps practitioner and apply the latest DevOps methodology to automate your software development life cycle.

The course will cover a broad array of topics to give you in-depth knowledge about Version Controlling, Code Automation, Automation Testing Framework, Infrastructure as a Code, Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment and Delivery, Configuration Management, and Monitoring of applications in a very effective manner. At the last session, teams of students will make presentation of their study project for a topic related to DevOps.

Goals (Attainment Targets)
(1) Automatically apply configuration management to production environments.
(2) Programmatically provision images.
(3) Maintain test suites and measure testing quality and coverage.
(4) Automatically generate new tests, using feedback-directed random testing, fuzzing, and data-flow analysis.
(5) Programmatically measure code quality via static and dynamic code analysis.
(6) Understand components of infrastructure.
(7) Remotely regulate behavior of deployed software via feature flags and configuration servers.
(8) Apply advanced strategies for deployment of software.
(9) Monitor and analyze telemetry data.
(10) Implement resilience testing on production environments (e.g., Chaos Monkey).

Fundamentals of Computer Systems (achievement of attainment targets is required).

Course Schedule
(Notice) This course is a live Instructor-Led session, All session will be recorded and uploaded to the student dashboard, you will work on projects, Assignment, Group Projects, and at the end of the training you will earn a professional certification.

Class Topics Activities Assignments
➡️ Setup

Module 1

Course overview Passing opunit checks
Module 2
Basics Basics workshop HW-Basics

Terminals, making windows awesome, package managers, shells Customize your prompt, install the things

markdown, git, virtualization, kanban

Module 3

Module 4
Basics continued; What's DevOps?

?   Computing Environments    ☢️

Module 5
Computing Environments

Headless infrastructure, virtualization concepts Practice: Node Essentials: Promises
Module 6
VM workshop

Virtual Box and Virtualization Framework Internals Build vagrant from scratch and bash provisioning script
Module 7
Debugging Virtualization Problems

Module 8
OS Virtualization

Containers, overlayfs, cgroup Build docker from scratch
Module 9

Building disk images, initrd, rootfs, kernel Build packer from scratch
Module 10
Cloud provisioning Build doctl from scratch HW-P

??    Pipelines, CI/CD    ?✅

Module 11

Module 12
Pipelines Workshop Build a deployment pipeline from scratch

git hooks, pre-commit, post-receive, bare repositories, process managers

Module 13
Configuration Management
Module 14
CM, Ansible

Module 15

Module 16

Module 17
Static Analysis/Code Complexity

Module 18
Code coverage

Module 19

Module 20
Student Test

?   Infrastructure + Operations    ?️

Module 21
Infrastructure concepts
Module 22

Module 23
Deployment strategies

Module 24
Deployment workshop

Module 25

Module 26
Monitoring workshop

Module 27

Module 28
Chao engineering/feature experimentation
Module 30
Chao experiment

Module 31

Module 32
Final Exam


  • Live Face-To-Face Session with the faculty

  • 100% Practical Session

  • Resume Preparation

  • Professional Global Recognize Certificate

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    Instructor: Edukero

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    Lectures: 32

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    Duration: 8 Weeks

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    Enrolled: 24 Students

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    Language: English


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