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Information Security Certification Training


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Edukero Information Security(Code: 2225

Outline and Objectives
In this course students learn information security, in both management aspect and technical aspect. Students understand of various types of security incidents and attacks, and learn methods to prevent, detect and react incidents and attacks. Students will also learn application of cryptography which are one of the key technology to implement security functions. This course is 100% practical.
At the last session, teams of students will make presentation of their study project for a topic related to information security.

Goals (Attainment Targets)
(1) To be able to explain various Information security threat and controls for it.
(2) To be able to analyze a security incidents and design countermeasures.
(3) To be able to explain information security incident response.
(4) To be able to explain the usage of Common Key cryptography and Public Key cryptography.
(5) To be able to explain the mechanism to protect confidentiality and completeness of data.

Fundamentals of Computer Systems (achievement of attainment targets is required).

Course Schedule
(Notice) This course is a live Face-To-Face session, All session will be recorded and uploaded to the student dashboard, you will work on projects, Assignment, Group Projects, and at the end of the training you will earn a professional certification.

Lesson 1: Overview of Information Security

The overview of this course will be explained. Students understand the goal and scope of this course through several examples of security incidents.
1. Orientation (learning objectives, performance evaluation, etc.)
2. What is Information Security?
3. Examples of Information Security Incidents
4. What is Information Security Management

Lesson 2: Basics of Information Security and Human aspect

Students learn the three concepts of information security and other basic concepts. Human and
Management Aspects of Security measure is explained.
1. The three concepts of Information Security (Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability)
2. Basic terminologies in Information Security
3. Human Aspect of Information Security
4. Social Engineering

Lesson 3: Information Security for Server System

Security Attacks for Server systems will be explained and discuss counter measure for attacks.
1. Attacks to Server Systems connected to the Internet and counter measures
2. Attacks to Web Servers and counter measure
3. Denial of Service Attack
4. Attacks to Network Systems

Lesson 4: Information Security for Client devices

Security Attacks for Client devices will be explained and discuss counter measure for attacks.
1. Attacks for Personal Computers and Smart phones, and counter measure
2. How the malicious software intrude the device
3. What the malicious software does to the system
4. Stolen and Lost Devices

Lesson 5: Information Security Risk Management

Students learns Risk Management process for Information Systems.
1. What is Risk Management process
2. Identifying Information Assets
3. Identifying Security Risk and evaluation
4. Risk Treatment

Lesson 6: Information Security Risk Management Exercise

Students exercises Risk Management process.
1. Identifying Information Assets
2. Identifying Security Risk and evaluation
3. Risk Treatment
4. Presentation of exercise result

Lesson 7: Security Risk management as an Organization

Students learn how an organization manage security risk, including, establishing policy, building
organization and internal rules.
1. Information Security Governance
2. Information Security Management System (ISMS)
3. Information Security Policy, Standards and Procedures
4. Information Security Evaluation

Lesson 8: Security Incident Respons

Students learn organization to handle security incidents and how to react to security incidents through exercise.
1. What is Security Incident response
2. Computer Security Incident response team
3. Incident response exercise

Lesson 9: Information Security and Cryptography

Cryptography is essential technology to protect Information Security. In this section, Students learns about basic concept of cryptography.
1. Requirements for Secure Communication
2. What is Cryptography?
3. Classic Cryptography
4. Modern Cryptography

Lesson 10: Common Key Cryptography

Students learn and exercise Common Key Cryptography.
1. Common Key Cryptography algorithms: DES, Triple DES, AES
2. Encryption modes
3. Exercise on Common Key Cryptography

Lesson 11: Public Key Cryptography

Students learn about Public Key Cryptography.
1. Problems of Key distribution for Common Key Cryptography
2. What is Public Key Cryptography?
3. RSA
4. Hybrid encryption
5. Recommended Ciphers

Lesson 12: Public Key Cryptography Exercise

Students exercise Public Key Cryptography and Hybrid encryption.
1. Exercise of Public Key Cryptography
2. Exercise of Hybrid encryption

Lesson 13: Data Integrity and Digital Signature

Students learns how to detect unauthorized change of data.
1. Integrity of Data
2. Hash Function
3. Digital Signature
4. Exercise of Hash functions and Digital Signature

Lesson 14: Public Key Certificate and PKI

Students learns about User Public Key Certificate and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).
1. Key Certificate: Digital Signature of Public Key
2. Public key Infrastructure (PKI) and Certificate Authority
3. Exercise on PKI

Project 15: Student Project
Lesson 16: Presentation and Discussion

Groups of Students will make presentations for the topic they selected and researched. After each
presentation, we have Q&A and Discussion session in the class.

Reference Books

Title: Principles of Information Security
Author: Michael E. Whitman and Herbert J. Mattord
Publisher: Cengage Learning;
ISBN: 1285448367

To understand cryptography in depth
Title: Understanding Cryptography: A Textbook for Students and Practitioners
Author: Christof Paa and Jan Pelzl
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3642041000

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